Electro-pop from Nashville, TN


The Nashville-based, electro-pop band LNYX (pronounced “Lenox”) is comprised of husband and wife duo Scott Taube (Vocals) and Brittany Furse-Taube (Keys).  After touring for 7 years both nationally and internationally Scott’s previous band, Philmont (EMI), decided to part ways.  While Scott wanted to continue writing and performing he said he was ready for something different.

“After years of writing for the same band you start to run into limitations.  You’re able to evolve your sound but you have to do so in baby steps so as not to alienate your existing fans.  It’s been a blast writing and performing with LNYX.  It’s tough to start from the bottom again but we’ve got absolute freedom to write the songs and pursue the sound we want”.

Brittany is no stranger to the band life either.  She’s been touring with Scott since they got married in 2007 tackling all of the the road manger duties but, for her, making the transition from behind-the-scenes to front-and-center was equal parts intimidating and gratifying.

“I grew up dreaming about being in the entertainment industry but I never thought I’d actually end up on stage.  To be in a band with my husband is beyond what I imagined!”

LNYX blends Scott’s pop/rock songwriting style with Brittany’s longtime appreciation of electronic music.  Mixed with current EDM influences the end result is an arsenal of synth-driven, four-on-the-floor anthems coupled with thoughtful lyrics and infectious, melodic hooks.  

LNYX digitally released the “Captivate EP” in January of 2014 followed by tour dates all over the US and Canada.  In December of 2014 they made their Beatport debut teaming up with NRSM for the exclusive collab track “Break My Heart” (released with several remixes).  The track broke into the top 50 on the Beatport electro charts and one of the remixes was featured on EDM.com.  

LNYX has since been writing for new releases in 2015 including co-writes and collaboration pieces with several local and international DJ/producers.  

“Chasing Stars” was released to digital markets and radio under the bands own label (Synthetixsounds) on April 28th packaged with remixes by Unikron and Vanguard.  The track received a premiere on YourEDM.com, “It’s not often you see a husband and wife duo making waves like these two have, but they are doing it.”

LNYX wrote and recorded a collab with DJ Mag Top 100 ranked producer/DJ Francis Davila (Guatemala).  The progressive house track titled “We Can Be Anything” released August 18th, 2015 accompanied by a music video.  Within the week the single found traction all over Latin America and made it’s way to the top of the Guatemalan radio and digital streaming charts becoming the #1 song in the country.  The music video collected over 40,000 plays on YouTube in the first week.